Lois Covington Fuchs
Pastel Artist


Lois, I love your art, the portraits look as though they will step out of the picture.🥰 You are a wonderful instructor also! Miss seeing you! ❤️🥰❤️✍🏻
Joanna - 24 Sep 2021
Lois, i think of you every time i go up New Garden Road. Have a couple of friends who live off of it. And of course, the Temple where no one has been for past 6 months. Thank God for Zoom. Your pictures are gorgeous. i'm proud to have known you while you were working on that art degree. Hope Pete is well. I am finally a grandma! Dgtr Elisabeth who turned 51 has a 2.5 YO. She's tired a lot!
carol michaelis - 25 Sep 2020
I like your new website Lois.
Grete Fuchs - 25 Sep 2020
Beautiful art work Lois
Dorothy dhunter Adams - 25 Sep 2020
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